In the result of self-government elections in 2014 free democrats obtained a significant number of mandates in Council of Georgia. At present 98 free democrat members of Parliament are occupied with important activities at 53 self-governing municipalities. “Free Democrats” hold the chair of 20 committees at the Council.

After “Free Democrats” left “Georgian Dream” coalition members of parliament from the “Free Democrats” party found themselves under political pressure, as a result of which a certain part of them remained within “Georgian Dream” coalition ranks, while some of them stayed at the municipality. “Free Democrat” members of Parliament were illegally dismissed from the positions they held (Khelvachauri, Akhaltsikhe).

On March 2, 2015 Akhaltsikhe Court made a fair decision and reinstated Shalva Gogoladze in the office of the Legal Commission Chairman.

Aslan Kakhidze’s case is still under the Court consideration. “Free Democrats” are sure the truth will have the upper hand in this case too and Aslan Kakhidze will be reinstated in the position he has been illegally – only for political reasons – dismissed from.